Throughout four days, you and 2,500 other people from Latin America and around the world participated in discussions on how to accelerate progress in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic toward resilient and sustainable health systems.


We are very happy to have reached you in order to better understand the reality of our region and to define the steps to be followed in order to transform healthcare for the benefit of society.


Our panel of experts

Roche Press Day 2020 brought together some of the most renowned academics, researchers, medical professionals and industry players to get involved in addressing the most urgent health issues on the global agenda

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 Jörg-Michael Rupp 

Head International of 7 Areas at Roche

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Anja-Alexandra Duenne

Head of Medical Affairs Pharma International at Roche


Rolf Hoenger

Roche Pharma Area Head, Latin America

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Voices for Health

The voice of public officials, advisers of  international organizations, university professors and laboratory representatives come together in the same space to explore sustainable ways to ensure access to safe and quality healthcare for all.


The podcast “Voices for Health” compiles the experiences, knowledge, and analysis of various experts on Latin American health systems and their public policies.

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About Roche Press Day

Our annual meeting to promote the excellence of journalism in Latin America and contribute to the conversation about the state of health in the region


Every year, journalists from all over Latin America come together at #RochePressDay, a forum that promotes excellence in journalism through continuous education on issues related to health care.


During the event, the participants were able to access different discussion panels with top-level experts in which they discussed the main challenges and opportunities that the region is facing to improve the access of all citizens to quality healthcare.


The meeting, organized by Roche Latin America, encourages conversation about central aspects of health from different angles, enriching the perspective thanks to the exchange that takes place between colleagues from different Latin American countries.


In addition, as every year, within the framework of Roche Press Day, Premio Roche de Periodismo en Salud.


In the eight editions of Roche Press Day, more than 400 journalists from the region have participated and, for the ninth edition, the event will be transformed into a virtual experience that will cross the borders of Latin America with global sessions.

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