Rethinking the role of citizens in health

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Citizens play an essential role in advancing health systems; however, historically, their role has been a passive one. In the current context, the need for a more active participation by citizens, as advocates and decision makers, to control the pandemic and to contribute to their constant well-being has become evident.


Their participation in the long term is key to continue promoting the transformation of systems so they focus on the needs of the population.

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For many diseases, patients and their families know more than anyone else about the issue; that is why they should have decision-making power.”

Anja-Alexandra Duenne

Head of Medical Affairs Pharma International at Roche

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Interview with Alberto Alemanno
The role of citizens in the transformation of health systems

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The actions and behaviors of citizens can have a significant impact on individual and collective well-being. We talked with Alberto Alemanno, expert in public policy and author of the book "Lobbying for change: Find Your Voice to Create a Better Society", about the role of citizens in transforming health systems.