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Universalizing the promise of innovation 

The Economist Intelligence Unit Summit

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The pandemic has shown that the same treatment does not always work for everyone. Personalized medicine has enormous potential to change the way treatments are delivered and to be an engine for transforming health systems. Although personalized medicine and its application have already been underway in several countries around the world, Latin America faces challenges when it comes to applying it.


Based on the findings published by The Economist Intelligence Unit, health sector experts discuss how to advance its implementation in the region.

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Personalized medicine represents a paradigm shift that includes the entire healthcare ecosystem.”

Alan Lovell

Senior Associate, Health Policy and Clinical Evidence at The Economist Intelligence Unit

 PODCAST  Voces por la salud

Interview with Alan Lovell: "Universalizing the promise of innovation"

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Alan Lovell is a Senior Member of the Healthcare consultant team of The Economist Intelligence Unit. He specializes in Health Policy and Systems research. In this episode, Alan is going to explain why the concept of Personalized Healthcare is revolutionizing health and why there is clear evidence that not only Latin America but all health systems should move forward in adopting Personalized Healthcare.