Why intent is not enough


we need the right mechanisms in place to facilitate transformative collaborations

ILanguage: Spanish · 1 h 15 m


The COVID-19 crisis has exposed the need for greater articulation between public policies and private investment in innovation. Public policy experts and representatives of the private sector shared their experiences, lessons and opinions in a very interesting encounter. The current context presents a unique opportunity to rethink and build transformative collaborations to create sustainable solutions to some of the challenges health systems are facing.


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We need to find solutions to the challenges we face, thinking about long-term healthcare.”

Rolf Hoenger

Roche Pharma Area Head, Latin America

 PODCAST  Voces por la salud

Entrevista con María Fernanda Navarro
"Ciudades contra el cáncer"

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En el episodio de hoy hablaremos con Maria Fernanda Navarro sobre cómo mejorar el acceso al diagnóstico y tratamiento del cáncer de una forma equitativa, de calidad, en las ciudades de los países de bajos y medianos ingresos.