What comes first: a digital government or digital health?

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Latin America faces great challenges when it comes to the collection and management of quality data that will enable the optimization of healthcare, such as insufficient connectivity and outdated regulatory models. On the other hand, the current context has shown the potential of digital data-based solutions to overcome barriers of access to health and improve the quality of prevention and care services under normal conditions and health emergencies.


What is the way forward for its implementation to become a reality in the region? 

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Both the private and public sectors must work together to take this innovation to patients in Latin America.”

Adriana Rubio

Head Roche Diagnostics Latinoamerica

 PODCAST  Voces por la salud

Entrevista a Marcelo D'Agostino 
"¿Estamos preparados para la transformación digital de la salud? 

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Marcelo D'Agostino es experto en Sistemas de Información y Salud Digital, y asesor de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud. En esta entrevista, habla sobre los desafíos y las barreras para una transformación digital de la salud y reflexiona sobre los beneficios que tiene la transformación digital para los distintos sectores de la sociedad.