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A spotlight on health:

A recognizable driver of economic development, security and social well-being

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The COVID-19 pandemic has evidenced that the impact of a health emergency is not limited to the health sector, but transcends to others, such as the political and economic sectors; this situation reopens the debate on the need for greater investments for the improvement of prevention and care services in order to have healthier and more productive societies.


What is the way forward to change the vision of health as an expense and make it a priority with intersectoral support based on access and innovation?

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The pandemic was a wake-up call for all of us. We need to make a real change in health systems"

Jörg-Michael Rupp

Head International of 7 Areas at Roche

 PODCAST  Voices for health

Interview with Dr. Rifat Atun
"Health systems in emerging countries"

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Dr. Rifat Atun, Director of Global Health Systems Cluster at Harvard University, talks in this interview about the challenges that Health Systems in emerging countries are facing, and how this crisis can lend opportunities.